About Air Base

The mission

Aire Base (Formerly Outdoor Storage) has evolved over the past 15 years, with the goal of providing our customers with the safest possible experience when it comes to storing their outdoor items. sheltered from the elements or bad weather. Whether it's adding real people to your team or using cutting-edge technology to make your life easier, our company is constantly evolving to stay completely focused on you.


Since 2010, Alexis Hébert and his company Aire Base (formerly outdoor storage), have worked daily to develop and interact with the outdoor community in Quebec. The mission of Alexis' company is to serve outdoor-loving urbanites who don't have the time or space to store their favorite sporting goods. What could be better than an outdoor fan who practices all sports to serve customers who have the same needs as him! Alexis is a young enthusiast like you, his vision is in line with yours and his company is at your service for all your storage and service needs for your favorite items.