You were blasted by the Aire Base team!

You received this duck because your Jeep stands out. Pass it on to another Jeeper!

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Pourquoi j'ai un canards sur mon Jeep ? "Jeep Duck"

"Jeep Duck"

If you find yourself with a rubber ducky on your Jeep, you are part of a living tradition within the Jeep ownership community.

The phenomenon of "ducking" is a fun practice where Jeep enthusiasts leave decorative ducks on other people's vehicles, often accompanied by friendly messages or well wishes .

Receiving a duck on your Jeep is a sign of inclusion and camaraderie within this passionate community. It's a fun way to share the love for Jeeps and strengthen bonds between fans of this iconic vehicle.

Getting Ducked (Ducking) your Jeep?

Ducking your Jeep is a unique experience that can be
both surprising and fun.

means that other members of The Jeep community recognizes your
passion for these off-road vehicles and wants to include you in
this fun tradition.

By leaving a duck on your Jeep, they are showing you that they share this passion with you and warmly welcome you to the Jeep family.

Whether on the hood, hanging from the rearview mirror or perched on the roof, each duck brings with it a story and a connecting with other Jeep enthusiasts.

What should I do with the duck I received?

Now that you've received a duck on your Jeep, you may be wondering what to do with this rubber intruder?

You might choose to keep it as a souvenir from your ducking experience, display it proudly on your dashboard or drop it on another Jeep to make another Jeeper smile!

Whatever you decide, the duck you received is now a part of your Jeep history, and it is there to symbolize the strong bonds and camaraderie within the community.

If you wish, you can bring the duck back to Aire Base and in
exchange, we have a special gift waiting for you.

At Aire Base, we value the community spirit of Jeep culture, and we want to reward your commitment to this fun tradition. By bringing your duck to us, you will discover our gratitude for your active participation in this passionate community.


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